First MTB ride


No worries, I remember riding, but last time I might have been riding my "pony bike" well, it was od 25 if not 30 years ago ...

While everyone around me rides MTB through the mountains measuring the miles, the amount of mud on them  ... I successfully ignored them and avoided this type of activity.

A month ago, I received some news, and the situation ordered me to pack quickly and go to Macedonia. While I was thinking about it and repacking for maybe zillion times ... I put a story on Instagram with a comment  ... something like: "well, for equipment, there is always space and for the rest, maybe." I knew that I won't need the hiking equipment there, although I was at 700mnv surrounded by fabulous mountains of over 2000mnv. ... and while I was so devastated about the reason I am traveling, the message from a childhood friend, Leon, came: "Better pack it  than to be sorry later." It was enough for me, I got everything I think would be good for me, I already forgot some light hiking shoes there last summer because I brought them again "if needed."  Still left to find someone to convince to climb at least Magaro Peak with me. I'm thinking I could do it myself ... why not?! Okay, enough, I'll see when I get there.

And when I arrived real chaos was waiting for me ... I got into a whole day and night madness.

After a couple of days, I already missed my routine, I was looking into the mountains, and my soul ached. I can't go by myself, it still has snow, I do not have winter shoes ... I do not know the track. To get in touch with some FB people I have never been with, I'm not in a good mood. I need someone in front of whom I can even crash and cry if I need it.

A couple of days ago, Leon let me know if I want to try to ride MTB he has everything from the equipment I need and to call him. My reaction then was: "No way, I don't want some dogs chasing me while I do that!" And he just replied: " So it's not a problem to climb those mountains, sleep in a tent knowing there are bears near you, but the dogs are a problem?!"
Okay, I do not have another option ... to crush, get lost somewhere in the mountains alone and finally get eaten by bears, or  "swallow that frog" and call Leon.
Judging by the title, you already know what happened. I sent a message: "If you can carry me and both bikes, then we can go!" To my later pleasure, my threat did not scare him.

And on Sunday I arrived in front of his house (after I've got lost three times ... but it was 27 years ago I last time went there,  I didn't want to admit and ask him, and  Google does not recognize this street!) were the bicycles were already prepared, waiting  for me to "professionally" choose which one I will ride. "This one" (it was a bit more colorful at first glance). At that moment, Leon added me some funny tights  "Dress this over" "What? "Why?  " So I have tights !" I take them in my hands and realize that they are those bicyclists with an embedded butt. I want to burst into laughter, but I do not want to offend him ... He knows better than me, so I dress them over mine until Luna, his dog with her leaping around successfully made it harder for me.
When I finally got in, I sat on my bike, and so full of myself asked:
"What now?"
 "How ?!"
"What is here ... what exactly ... just tell me how to stop without making a turnover and tremble right on my head, and for the rest, I will manage."
Leon, slowly and patiently explains to me what is what and what to do, probably wondering why did he ask me to join him ... but I did warn him!

And finally, we're starting a new adventure!
"Wow this goes for me, I like it, look at me I can ride!"

We headed for the lake. A wonderful feeling! We drove a short distance to the Ohrid Lake beach, but to my insistence, before the departure, we turned to the off-road variant so that I would not jump off the bike if a truck were passing!


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And so we drove, enjoying the nature when I realized we were about 16km away and I still have the strength to talk. We made the first break and ate the sweetest apple when I bravely decided to expand the circle.

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After a few kilometers and the first significant rise, it was "Can we now slowly go back, it's not that I can not do it, but it is enough for the first time." Leon just smiled and looked for a new route to avoid asphalt. Navigation decided to play a little with us, but as he asked for new routes patiently, while I managed to turn around in a circle without falling and, of course, made a selfie.

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And as it usually happens, after a substantial rise, soon followed the first stronger descent. "Woooohoooooooo" Here comes the real adrenaline! Real pleasure! Although I have to admit that I got scared when I started to get into speed and saw a hole on the road on my side ... Leon rides beside me ... and I am only thinking that I do not shake it and break us both! Okay, I'll try to slow down (and not ripe my tires) and bypass this whole on the left, so I hope this grass is soft enough if I fall.

And I did it!  That's it, I am buying a bike!

After almost 3 hours and 30km, we arrived back! And what can I tell you? I tried another new thing that I liked very much. I can't take the smile from my face.

Unfortunately, there was no opportunity to ride again, and there were lots of plans like to ride to Ohrid, on the fish soup, and a little on the mountain to see the lake. Yes, all these places remain, and I will hope to come back and take a walk, and maybe even ride on my own bike.
* in the next two days, it became clear to me why I got those tights, thank you? :)


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